Our 7th Street flagship space comprises our production roastery, a dynamic open coffee bar, a community gathering space, and our company headquarters all under a single roof. Nestled in San Francisco’s SoMA neighborhood, this small, but mighty factory comes alive with daily activities. From our roasters practicing their craft on our beautiful roaster, to our baristas handcrafting beverages on our coffee bar, this progressive manufacturing and retail space offers customers a distinct and immersive coffee experience.


Our 7th Street training lab hosts a variety of essential quality control and educational activities. It houses our sample roaster, which we use to roast and evaluate each green coffee we source from origin. Our trainers facilitate barista trainings, educational labs, and each Friday, invite the public to taste coffees in this multi-purpose space. At Sightglass, we are constantly learning, exploring and improving our practices. Our lab is a testament to this ever-evolving work.


Our open floor plan aims to immerse customers in each of our craft’s processes, from roasting to production. Customers are invited to observe training, roasting, production, and drink preparation on our innovative open coffee bar while enjoying a delicious cup.


Our flagship location is multi-faceted, encompassing our production roastery, a dynamic & unconventional coffee bar, a community gathering space, and our company headquarters. Our production roastery is essential to this operation. All coffees are roasted carefully in house and sourced specifically with this location and roaster in mind. Our roasters work to determine the best roast profile for each offering, employing all senses in the process.

SOMA District

270 7th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Daily — 7:00am-5:00pm