With a few tools and the right ingredients, a well-brewed cup of coffee is easy to make at home. This intimate class offers recipes, tips, and feedback on your pour-over brewing technique.

Skill Level: All skills welcome!

$65 - 60 minutes

We break down the history, science and techniques needed to make delicious espresso, silky foam and even latte art! This 1-on-1 barista course is crafted around your individual needs and home espresso machine.

Skill Level: All skills welcome!

$275 - 90 minutes

Give the Gift of Growth: Help your friend take their skills to the next level with our expert-led classes.


Past Attendees

“Absolutely loved the class! Great content, great instructor. Loved that I could get my own equipment and that the class was centered around my equipment and workflow.”

Tejas Bahulkar Espresso at Home - SF

“The class was interactive and very informatic. I learned a lot and would recommend others to take the class.”

Sean Kang Espresso at Home - SF

“Great information. Instructor was friendly and had wonderful energy. I hope I can do another in the future.”

Matthew Silva Brewing Basics - SF

“I learned so much and had all my questions answered thoroughly. Grant is well-informed, is great at covering details and explaining why some methods are better than others, and very good at sharing his enthusiasm over all things coffee! I would recommend this class to my friends.”

Francine Bion Brewing Basics - SF