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Indulge in a monthly coffee adventure with our curated Blend Shuffle Subscription.

Explore diverse roast levels and origins, ensuring a rich and exciting experience as you sample our best-selling roasts. Subscribe now for a fla... READ MORE

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Blend Shuffle Subscription

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April 28th, 2021

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How It Works

We pick it...

We've selected five of our flagship blends, that best represent our most popular go-to selections our patrons trust the most.

This rotating subscription is great for beginners who want to familiarize themselves with our different offerings, but still want a solid reliable blend they can count on to deliver both high quality and great flavor.

Although the subscription rotates every week, and occasionally comes with coffee labeled as Espresso, all of the blends in this subscription are truly versatile, and work great with any brewing method.

We ship it...

Your coffee is roasted to order and en route to your mailbox, as often as once a week! Orders over $45 as well as all 2lb bag orders ship for free,

You brew it!

Once your coffee arrives, brew, enjoy & repeat knowing your next shipment isn’t far! 

Select Your Own Blend

Never run out of your favorite blend with our customizable subscription program.

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How is Sightglass coffee sourced?

The production of exceptional coffees is a collaborative, meticulous and multi-faceted effort. All coffees are sourced in freshly harvested lots through direct relationships with producers and cooperatives committed to quality and sustainable business practices. We travel to origin throughout the year, exploring new coffee sources, checking in with cherished producers, and offering premiums for quality. The long-standing partnerships we nurture are built upon trust—trust that our producers will convey to us what they need to thrive and trust that we will do everything we can to support them. Visit Our Company page to learn more about our sourcing practices.

Can I change up my subscription

Yes! You can change or edit your subscription frequency, address or payment details any time by logging into your account: HERE or by emailing us at

Can I add a non subscription product (or products) to my next shipment?

Yes!  First login to your account then navigate to the "you might also like" section. If the item you wish to add on isn't visible please reach out to

What orders qualify for free shipping?

All orders of 2lb bags and orders of $45 or more ship for free.